Who we are

Studiotime are experts in green screen open photo booths, custom built pods and more, providing unique photo solutions for all types of events. In a nutshell – for our business friends we design photo experiences that create a visual connection from their brand to the target audience, for private gigs we cover parties and events world wide.

Our team are photographers, videographers, visual experts, designers, carpenters, metal workers, and tech nerds.


What we do

We design and build pop-up open photo/video booths, pods, sophisticated photographic, video and audio experiences.

Bringing a totally immersive experience to your customers or at your party.

Your own bespoke photo experience built into any situation whether retail, show, exhibition stand wherever you want. 

We help create photo and video content for your event with the fastest photo and video marketing system.

What do you need?

Hire a Photo Booth for next weekend

Need a custom designed booth built into a hotel foyer

A new concept solution for an exhibition stand

Heard about green screen and need some info.

Are you a filmmaker wanting to hire a green screen

photo video marketing solution
Photo video marketing-solution