Man wearing a virtual reality headset

360 VR has finally hit the consumer market and is one of the biggest trends at present. With so many people using smartphones, 360 VR headsets and Facebook supporting VR, we feel it is time to bring 360 VR to the events world.

Using our green screen photo booth tech we can put guests in to a virtual 3D world that they can then view via their smartphone, Facebook or a 3D headset.

Sharing VR photos to Facebook

Facebook posts will appear natively on the guest’s timeline as a 360-degree interactive photo. This means that the viewer can move their phone left, right, up and down to explore any part of the image. Facebook bumps these kinds of files to the top of all news feeds, meaning more of your guests’ friends will see their posts.

3D Backdrops

We can help you design these.

3D VR Samples

Please see some 3D samples below the best method for viewing the samples is on a mobile device — and the only way to see them in 3D — is with a headset like Google Cardboard. Without a headset, the images are displayed in 360-degrees when viewed from a smartphone or PC. ┬áRegardless of how you view them, they are super cool! We’d love to bring the VR experience to your clients, so please let us know how we can help!

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