Marketing Feedback Video Booth

Video Booth branded for Marvel with queue of people waiting to used

Marvel wanted a video booth to record fan feedback at the London Comic Con event. However unlike a normal video booth they wanted to monitor the feedback live in a separate room with the ability to change the questions the fans were answering on the fly. As our video booth is modular we were quickly able to make the changes for live monitoring and the questions were fed in using an remotely controlled auto-cue system.

4K Video Booth for Broadcast

Video booth next to stage

Green Screen UK was commissioned to provide a enclosed video booth that could record that could document and record these stories. The footage was recorded in 4K for future proofing, we also employed an interview mic with live mixing. The end resulting footage was broadcast quality, the great thing with the enclosed video booth is that it allows for high spec UHD cameras and microphones for capturing footage up to broadcast quality. There is also the option for live viewing by a director of client to maintain quality and direction.