Free Frame Video Booth

Freeze frame video booth

Redbull approached Green Screen UK to create a Freeze Frame live video booth. We really never say no to anything. Mountain biker Matt Jones was having a party to release his new film “Frames of the Mind”, the film makes use of stop motion  technique with the help of a bit of green screen. Redbull really wanted to recreate this technique at the party but with the completed videos being instantly created. Instead of using a bike guests would be taking a run jump of a trampoline in to crash mats.

Marketing Feedback Video Booth

Video Booth branded for Marvel with queue of people waiting to used

Marvel wanted a video booth to record fan feedback at the London Comic Con event. However unlike a normal video booth they wanted to monitor the feedback live in a separate room with the ability to change the questions the fans were answering on the fly. As our video booth is modular we were quickly able to make the changes for live monitoring and the questions were fed in using an remotely controlled auto-cue system.