Christmas Video Booth

christmas video booth

Video booths with green screen is our speciality, so when Cadbury Ireland was looking to create a snowy, Christmas themed video booth for customers to have fun with they contacted Green Screen UK. The tour was for four week throughout the Republic of Ireland from Cork to Limerick and then Dublin and the surrounding areas. We help get the backdrop create with another graphics agency and organised all kit to be shipped, with our crew flying in for each event.

Hasbro use Green Screen on UK tour

Studio Time are on a 5 week tour with Hasbro around the UK at present. Hasbro are running a promotional tour of the UK shopping centers to promote their strategic card game “Magic”.

Studio Time are providing the free give away of a photographic portrait with a choice of fantasy backgrounds. Members of the public are photographed against a green screen, the photo fed instantly in to the computer and a choice of background can be selected and printed all within 3-4 minutes. The prints are postcard size with the brand logo and web address, the customer can then take these away. We are also able to provide the finished photos on a USB branded stick or arm band for the customer to use on thier facebook and other social networks.IMG_0139IMG_0118IMG_0125
Finished Green Screen image only took 3 mins